Books I read in August 2021 (short reviews)

Well, well, well, guess who's really late to last months wrap up post. Me. I feel like a broken record if I keep saying that things have been stressful, but dear god, have things been stressful. I am so exhausted from life that it should come as no surprise that I didn't have a single... Continue Reading →

Books I Read in July 2021 (short reviews)

Hi guys, sorry I didn't write my Camp Nanowrimo Post next, I didn't get to do a lot of writing lately, but I will do a wrap up post very soon. For today we're gonna take a look at my reading month which, considering how much I had to do for uni, went very well.... Continue Reading →

Writing Update March 2021

Last month I decided to start a new series called "Writing Update" to give you a little glimpse into my process as a writer (this is in cursive because lately I haven't really been that much of a writing writer, more a writer in spirit) and to give myself a reason to writer. To hold... Continue Reading →

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