A guide you don’t have to follow: How to get yourself to write

Disclaimer: I'm being very hypocritical here, considering I haven't really written anything major in the last year, but who cares, I've stilled motivated myself multiple times to get back to writing so maybe you can take something away from this post. Hi there, welcome back to my "A Guide You Don't Have To Follow series".... Continue Reading →

A guide you don’t have to follow: Aesthetics and Vision Boards

 A couple of weeks ago I showed you my mood boards/aesthetics for The Interview and said I would write a more in depth post about how I create them for my "A guide you don't have to follow" series.  Well, this is that post.  Disclaimer: As with all of the installments of this series, I'm... Continue Reading →

Aesthetics for "The Interview"

Hello and welcome back. Because of various degrees of procrastination I thought I would write a little bit of an unusual post. Well, unusual for me. Or shall we say, a new kind of post. Ever since I started writing, I loved to create mood boards, vision boards, aesthetics or whatever you would like to... Continue Reading →

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