Writing Update April 2021 (Camp Nanowrimo Wrap Up)

Hello back and welcome to the second post of the week 🙂 If you read my introduction post to Camp Nanowrimo then you'll know that I had a bit of a different writing goal for April. I wanted to edit the remaining chapters of my upcoming novel "City girl meets Countryside". To my inconvenience there... Continue Reading →

Camp Nanowrimo April 2021 (Week 1)

It's been a little while since I've actively taken part in a Nanowrimo like this. In November I did Nanowrimo with my writing prompt journal and before that it had been a year since I took part in any 30 day writing challenge like this. But for this month I wanted to kick my own... Continue Reading →

Writing Update March 2021

Last month I decided to start a new series called "Writing Update" to give you a little glimpse into my process as a writer (this is in cursive because lately I haven't really been that much of a writing writer, more a writer in spirit) and to give myself a reason to writer. To hold... Continue Reading →

My 2021 (writing) resolutions

Since I posted my 2020 resolution reaction post two weeks ago, I thought I should maybe write up my 2021 resolutions. But honestly, I don't think I have any. I've noticed that I don't do well with setting goals for myself mostly because I forget that I set those goals. Sure, I could put something... Continue Reading →

Aesthetics for "The Interview"

Hello and welcome back. Because of various degrees of procrastination I thought I would write a little bit of an unusual post. Well, unusual for me. Or shall we say, a new kind of post. Ever since I started writing, I loved to create mood boards, vision boards, aesthetics or whatever you would like to... Continue Reading →

My writing process

Since I said I would try and write some more about writing, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for me to write about my process. Not really whether I am a pantser or a plotter, I feel like I have touched on that before and if I'm honest, I don't even know what... Continue Reading →

Writing Resolutions for 2020

I know, I know, I\'m late to the trend, January is already over, but I have a good reason for only publishing this post now. Every year when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, we make those insane resolutions and once the alcohol has worn off and we survived the hangover on January 2nd, we... Continue Reading →

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