Books I Read in May 2021 (short reviews)

Hi guys, welcome back. I'm so sorry that my blog is currently a little all over the place and not so much about writing, but that's because I'm a little all over the place and not writing. For some reason I just don't seem to be in the mood to write and I decided to... Continue Reading →

Review: Der Astronaut “Project Hail Mary” – Andy Weir

Hi there, sorry for the slightly inconsistent uploads, I'm currently trying to figure out what I want my blog to actually be and whether to move it to a different platforms (Blogger has given me a bit of a headache lately...). As for today's post it is a bit of a different one, because I'm... Continue Reading →

Writing Update March 2021

Last month I decided to start a new series called "Writing Update" to give you a little glimpse into my process as a writer (this is in cursive because lately I haven't really been that much of a writing writer, more a writer in spirit) and to give myself a reason to writer. To hold... Continue Reading →

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