Where have I been

(Slight TW, mention of Covid and Mental Health Issues) I want to show you guys a post that I drafted in November which pretty much outlines how I feel right now, with a few exceptions. I’m on anti depressants now, I have a great circle of friends and I have finally settled into my new… Continue Reading →

Books I read in August 2021 (short reviews)

Well, well, well, guess who’s really late to last months wrap up post. Me. I feel like a broken record if I keep saying that things have been stressful, but dear god, have things been stressful. I am so exhausted from life that it should come as no surprise that I didn’t have a single… Continue Reading →

Review “Play & Pretend” von Nena Tramountani

Hey guys, so sorry that I’ve been absent for so long, but things have been insanely crazy lately. I just moved across the country and I’m three weeks away from finishing my degree, so I really hope you can understand. For today I have another bilingual review for you, because it just felt right to… Continue Reading →

Books I Read in July 2021 (short reviews)

Hi guys, sorry I didn’t write my Camp Nanowrimo Post next, I didn’t get to do a lot of writing lately, but I will do a wrap up post very soon. For today we’re gonna take a look at my reading month which, considering how much I had to do for uni, went very well…. Continue Reading →

Review “Try & Trust” von Nena Tramountani

Hi guys and welcome to another bilingual book review. So far no one has complained about me writing these reviews this way, so I’m gonna keep going, because I actually quite enjoy this format. Sadly, there is no English version available of this (yet, who knows what’s to come), but I did include a short… Continue Reading →

Books I Read in June 2021 (short reviews)

Hey guys, sorry that this post is a little later than usual, I’ve been really busy lately and haven’t been at home, so I couldn’t take photos or write a blog post, but I’m back now. This is also the first new post on my new blog set up, how do you like it? I’m… Continue Reading →

Review “Fly & Forget” von Nena Tramountani

Hi guys, sorry that I don’t have any writing posts for you lately, but I haven’t been writing anything myself, so there’s not really anything to talk about. What I can talk about however are the books that I am currently reading and reviewing and so for today I have another German book that I… Continue Reading →


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