About me

I feel like this is the part where I should brag about all my accomplishments.
Lena Fiala, 23 years old, has a degree in Literature, published 16 books in six different languages, won a chemistry Nobel price and has three beautiful children with her incredibly hot husband.

Truth is, none of the above is accurate.

Well, I am Lena Fiala (which is a pen name), I am 22 years old and I currently am trying to get a degree in International Literature. If anyone would ask me what my greatest accomplishment so far were then I would have to say completing the first drafts of three novels and getting out of bed this morning.
This blog is for me to keep things realistic and for you to read about my struggles as a writer who hasn’t published anything yet (unless we count that short story in my school’s paper in Year 4). I want to be published eventually, but I am also so unbelievably overwhelmed by the amount of things I have to think of when it comes to submitting a novel, creating covers or even doing line edits in my novels.
I love writing. I love creating new characters, sharing all those crazy thoughts in my head with the keyboard and challenging myself with every new story. No, seriously, my second novel is about a blind girl dancing ballet. Speak of an overwhelming challenge right there. But as much as I love writing, I hate sharing my work with people. I do have some of my writing published on a site that has lost a lot of popularity over the last few years and yet gained a lot of attention (yes, you guessed it. I published a few stories on Wattpad) but after now five years of being on there and not once receiving proper feedback at all and only having a handful of readers I am mostly questioning if Wattpad is the right place for me.
When I once showed one of my novels to my dad he had really liked my style of writing, but had to admit that YA romance was not really his kind of genre.
Fair enough.
It did show me though that there might be a little bit of potential in my writing. At least a tiny bit.
I hope this little text gave you an idea of who I am and what you can expect of this blog. Stick around if you want to get some input on the writing process, some book reviews and my big 2021 goal: To get ready to send out my manuscript to publishers. (and yes, I’ll keep updating this date until it’s happening)
You might see some writing tips and character aesthetics as well.

Take care,

Follow me and stay in touch:
Twitter: @lena_fiala
Instagam: @lenafialabooks
Wattpad: @lena_fiala (If you want to treat yourself to the stories that are currently still on there)
Business enquires: lena.fiala99@gmail.com

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